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"The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself."

― Michel de Montaigne (via psych-quotes)

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I never showed y’all! I didn’t end up getting bangs…instead, I just chopped! This season is all about the long, wavy bob :)

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  • Gil: Were you scared?
  • Ernest Hemingway: Of what?
  • Gil: Of getting killed.
  • Ernest Hemingway: You'll never write well if you fear dying. Do you?
  • Gil: Yeah, I do. I'd say probably, might be my greatest fear actually.
  • Ernest Hemingway: It's something all men before you have done, all men will do.
  • Gil: I know, I know.
  • Ernest Hemingway: Have you ever made love to a truly great woman?
  • Gil: Actually, my fiancé is pretty sexy.
  • Ernest Hemingway: And when you make love to her you feel true and beautiful passion. And you for at least that moment lose your fear of death.
  • Gil: No, that doesn't happen.
  • Ernest Hemingway: I believe that love that is true and real creates a respite from death. All cowardice comes from not loving, or not loving well, which is the same thing. And when the man who is brave and true looks death squarely in the face like some rhino hunters I know, or Belmonte, who's truly brave. It is because they love with sufficient passion to push death out of their minds, until the return that it does to all men. And then you must make really good love again. Think about it.

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