The Moon Song feat. Ezra Koenig
| Karen O

I’m lying on the moon
My dear, I’ll be there soon
It’s a quiet starry place
Time’s we’re swallowed up
In space we’re here a million miles away

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Anonymous asked: I think you look good without bangs, bangs, and full throttle zoey d bangs... but I think you're forehead is like the perfect size and I feel like having bangs covers up your pretty face. so I vote no to bangs! or I vote for side bangs!

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback!! Everyone has very different opinions and it’s not making this devision very easy :o)

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Tumblr, HELP!!!

I’m thinking of doing the big chop this week!  Should I go no bangs, side bangs, or ACTUAL, FULL THROTTLE ZOOEY DESCHANEL-level BANGS?!?

I think I really want bangs but I need some opinions here. My judgement may or may not be distorted by all of the Rose Byrne movies I’ve been watching lately…


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